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Why Refer Your Root Canal Patients to Endodontics of Houston?


In addition to dental school, endodontists receive two to three years of advanced education in this kind of treatment. They study root canal techniques and procedures in greater depth, for diagnosis and treatment of more difficult cases. For this reason, many dentists choose to refer their patients to endodontists.

Dr. Bruchmiller is a member of the American Association of Endodontists, the American and Texas Dental Associations, Houston Dental Society, and the Houston Academy of Endodontists.

Dr. Gorman is a member of the American Association of Endodontists, the American and Texas Dental Associations, Greater Houston Dental Society and the Houston Academy of Endodontists.


Pain is the top reason people avoid the dentist and root canals are the most feared dental procedure. [2008, 2011 Omnibus Surveys]

At Endodontics of Houston, we've decided to take this problem head on. We are committed to the "Relentless Pursuit of the Pain-Free Root Canal."

But, don't just take our word for it.

Here is what a few of our patients had to say:

  • "The procedure was painless and absolutely no postoperative pain."
    - Elizabeth Ann Cutbirth

  • "So great to basically go in for a really good nap and then go home with no pain."
    - Revj Vegas

  • "I had absolutely no pain afterwards."
    - Tracy Duckworth

  • "Dr. Gorman had the most current technology that made my root canal smooth and painless and the staff was very welcoming."
    - Brittany Holte

As a referring dentist, we want you to rest assured that your patient's comfort and care is our #1 concern and priority.


We want to be your preferred Endodontics partner in Houston.

If you would like to overcome case assessment pitfalls, provide specialized care for your patients, or simply free up time to do things you are more effective at doing, we are here for you.

"The dentists who consistently refer patients to a specialist don't find themselves in emergency situations – it just doesn't happen," says endodontist James Abbott, D.D.S., M.S., of Santa Rosa, Calif. "The Case Difficulty Assessment Form is a valuable tool to help dentists decide whether a referral should be made."

Forging Effective Alliances for Quality Patient Care (PDF File, 127KB)
This article discusses the value of effective referral relationships.

"When I used to do endodontic treatments, I did a really good job, but I was slow as molasses," says Jeff Chamberlain, D.D.S., of Santa Rosa, Calif. "I'm always impressed with my endodontist because he can do the procedures two to three times faster. He's helpful because my patients don't think of root canals as a big deal. They're in his chair for an hour or so and they leave happy. Referring my endodontic cases frees up my time to do things I'm more effective at."

Endodontic Case Difficulty Assessment Article (PDF File, 587KB) This newsletter discusses endodontic treatment planning, case assessment, and referral from a specialist's perspective.

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